“Customer Satisfaction” is the design and production philosophy, which allows the evaluation of specific customer’s needs, with a consultancy approach and a dedicated service, focused on the realization of production targets.


Feeding Life With Technology

“ Feeding Life With Technology” is Axtra srl mission, which joins the customer in the whole filling and packaging cycle, through the production of machines, which create the conditions to obtain an integral final product , correspondent to the required specifications.
Axtra’s customer engages himself in bringing on the market, products which can improve the human being life, by beverages, foods, personal care and pharmaceutical products, or others. Axtra supplies the tools in order that this engagement will reach always an optimal outcome, protecting people, environment, with energy saving.

Feeding Life With Technology

The mission of AXTRA is important. Why?

The mission of AXTRA is summed up in the motto “Feeding Life With Technology” and consists in helping the producers of liquid products to bring to the final consumers an intact and suitable product for their bodies and their needs.
Any packaged product, whether for food or household or industrial use, must be managed by accurate techniques in order to ensure that the storage and the transport of the product does not upset its organoleptic characteristics and that it is possible to consume it to the best of its properties.
The innovation in the food sector as well as the chemistry for personal hygiene makes technological liquid products (for example milk with different shelf-lifes). Therefore it is becoming more and more important to protect the investments in “Research and Development” also through the installation of bottling lines adapted to the state of the art. The consumers increase their sensitivity to the quality and are able to obtain information more accurately and on time. From this point of view the integrity of the bottling process is a guarantee that the manufacturer’s brand won’t have stains caused by accidents or perceptions of low quality of the product during the consumption phases. On the contrary, a correct technique of liquid product bottling is the mean that allows the producer to bring to the market his technological skill and the natural characteristics of the product. The consumer, in the end, believes in the continuous improvement of the bottling techniques, that not only reduce the costs, but also, and, above all, ensure that the storage and transport of the liquid products willl take place in complete safety. Axtra is at the top of the line in the research and development of the best bottling techniques. This section is dedicated to discover the reasons about the importance of these techniques, through the review of high-tech liquid products and their features that must be preserved.

Continuous innovation

Bottling with technology

Everyday Axtra works hard to innovate the products and techniques that ensure the integrity of the bottled product at the best cost. The innovation is sought and achieved through a set of techniques developd by a team of engineers of Axtra Lab. The team carries out performance tests of the techniques in use on Axtra machines in order to determine the limits that can be improved (consumptions analysis, indoor simulators, verification of the machineries installed by inspections or teleservice connections exc…)

Continuous scouting of third-party technologie in order to increase the Axtra machines’ performances (Partnership with producers such as Omron, Siemens, Festo and Smc, as well as institutions such as universities and research institutes).

In addition Axtra carries out periodic surveys and focus groups with Customers in order to investigate their needs and to monitor the results currently achievable with the machines Axtra.

Axtra organizes meetings with consolidate Customers such as Marchesi Antinori, Monari Federzoni in order to develop specific applications aimed to guarantee the integrity of the product and at the same time the quality of packaging).

It carries out also the components optimization and of the production processes in order to obtain an industrial product that satisfy the needs of the single Customer at the lowest possible cost (reductions of the staff and manteinance costs).

Bottling techniques that are obtainable with AXTRA machines are not only dedicated to preserve characteristics of the product, but also for the most technical goals of the producer:

  • production costs and space reduction;
  • liquid product marketing through the labelling process and overall;
  • reduction of the cost of machine management in the long term;

The product

The product integrity in the bottling lines

Our goal is to ensure the integrity of the bottled product during the whole bottling process thanks to our daily investments in the research and development. Against the different types of risks that can damage such integrity, AXTRA offers to its Customers precautionary measures that are summed up by the technology used for the manufacture of machines and that are selected for specific purposes:

  • Integrity of the process;
  • Integrity of the machine;
  • Integrity of the environment.

The process integrity is the principle that informs all the design of the authomatic line, that is realized with the main objective to ensure a bottling with the highest percentage of quality available on the market. This result is guaranteed through the following prescriptions, for example:

  • Analysis of the characteristics of the products and the management of the production cycle, by optimizing the product characteristics through specific procedures studied with the Costumer;
  • Usage of the finest raw materials and compatible with the food enviroments.

The mechanical integrity is the group of techniques that guarantee that each component of the bottling line maintains a sterile filling environment through the following prescriptions:

  • Functional design both to the duration of each machine, and to the production needs of the Customer, based on the know-how business strategy and experiences gained on the evolution of marketing and production needs and on the production site;
  • Accurate consideration of each detail, with particular attention to the cleaning and sanitising phases;
  • Final test of each machine and/or installation, both internally to the company and at the production site of the machine.

The environmental integrity is the group of the practices on which Axtra offers counselling to its Customers in order to realize adequately clean production environments to install the bottling line at the best working conditions:

  • Respect of the current regulations in the food, safety and consumptions reduction sectors, through machines that adapt its proper consumption on the basis of the production need;
  • Drastic reduction of lubricating oils and greases and cosequently the relative detergents;
  • Easy to clean and practicality in collecting the relevant residues