Capper for pre-threaded plastic caps

The capper for round or shaped pre-threated plastic caps can be supplied with a vibrating or centrifugal feeder.

On request, it is possible to integrate the mechanical or pneumatic caps elevator to the capper.

The format change equipment of the container such as wormscrews, starwheels, central arch and gripping pads, can be normal or universal. The quick release systems allow a reduction of the format change time and a consequent costs optimization.

Axtra cappers are designed to work containers of any material, shape and size.

On the basis of the caps dimesions (diameter and height) and the torque, the accessories are provided such as: orientation disc, distribution channel and tightening head/s.


SizeWidth (cm)Depth (cm)Work surface (cm)Height (cm)Weight (kg)Installed power (kW)Absorbed power (kW)



Axtra manufactures cappers in partnership with specialized companies in the sector to ensure the best application of any type of cap. The cappers are configured to solve the various problems associated with this operation: dust aspiration, inert gas dosing, vapour saturation, foil presence control inside the cap, presence and closure control. Depending on the type of cap, we supply mechanical, magnetic, pneumatic or electronically controlled heads.

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