Multifunction machine for modular bottling and packaging

MINILINE is the linear monoblock that is ideal for productions from 100 to 1.800 BPH. It is the modular solution that allows to integrate all the functions of a bottling and packaging line with reduced dimensions.

Thanks to the modularity with which it has been studied, MINILINE to the basic functions of filling and capping, can integrate and the internal cleansing of the container, the capsulating and labelling even at a later time.

The capsulation can be with and without orientation, as well as the labelling can be integrated both before and at the end of the process and be with, or without orientation in order to ensure maximum flexibility of use.

The management of the machine by a single operator, together with a very limited equipment for different formats, make the solution practical and at the same time, allows to minimize production costs.



AXTRA designs and develops integrated solutions in an unique structure that has more than two functions: rinsing, filling and capping, capsulation and labelling. Among the peculiarities, we emphasize:

  • maximum reduction of the final dimensions;
  • optimization of components;
  • same operator management procedures
The characteristics of our monoblocks ensure a significant reduction in purchase and operating costs

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